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Promoting Your Best!

Does that look familiar? When I first started posting as an artist on IG I remember being incredibly excited to receive 20 notifications within a couple of minutes only to find they were all from paid DM promoters. I like to think of it as a badge of honour now.

Saying that I thought it might be timely and useful to talk about what we do here at INKY NFTs and give a few reasons why we believe so passionately in promoting both new and established wordy NFT creators.

Firstly, generative and digital art NFTs are certainly the most well known in terms of sales with people who don't interact with the Metaverse or Crypto. Instances of million-dollar floats and charismatic apes, bhirds and punks are very much embedded in the Crypto psyche and are certainly cheering in terms of dreams of acknowledgement and wealth.

Literary NFTs are a bit different. All of us who are involved in writing out with the NFT community know exactly how difficult it is to be traditionally published, and even then how often impossible it is to earn a living as a writer. I have acquaintances who've achieved best-seller status, Netflix deals and high-flying agents who have STILL had to pad out their income with teaching jobs in Universities.

But promotion and showcasing wordy NFTers on our site means that as we grow - your audience can also grow. There are already some brilliant platforms like theVERSEverse, The Tickle and RedLionNews that have achieved authentic presence through hard work and talent but still, words are not represented as NFTs in the same highly populated and collected way as Digital Art pieces.

And, quite honestly, perhaps they can't be. I think the Litaverse will become its own entity as publishers and writers begin to work out how to sell books and other forms of writing successfully as NFTs.

The future is bright, full of digital brushstrokes and luminous words. We are so excited to be a part of this extraordinary time in history. And, as always, very keen to receive submissions for promotion in all forms of short fiction, poetry, essays et al. Please get in contact with us on Twitter @inkynfts or

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