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What are INKY NFTs?


We are a curated literary platform that wants to promote the written word as NFTs.  There is no other platform that is focused entirely on poetry, fiction and non-fiction.


Who is behind the idea?


Sylvie from The KiTs and  edgepoetry_nft has been writing all her life.  She has had a novel traditionally published and many stories and pieces of poetry published and placed in competitions.  Sylvie started out designing The KiTs pieces – cute feline takes on the modern world – including astrology and cultural icons from the world of film, art, history and literature and this feels like a natural progression for her.


In conversation with other writers interested in literary NFTs, she realised there was no curated platform solely dedicated to literature.  And, she felt it was time there was.


What’s the catch?


Honestly, there isn’t one.  At this time it is completely free to have your work promoted on our platform and as word spreads, we hope to become the foremost promoter of literary NFTs.


How can I be part of this?


There are many ways you involve yourself with INKY NFTs.  


Write a blog post, or essay, or send us an interview with interesting people.  Submit your work or apply for editorial positions.  These will be voluntary posts until we are able to pay our contributors.  We strongly believe in paying creative people their worth.

Email us at with your ideas!


What’s in the future?


Clearly, that‘s impossible to predict but we hope to be the first literary NFT marketplace! Big dreams, baby, big dreams!




We are happy to consider advertising on the site as long as the campaigns are in line with our key goals of compassion, worth, ethical considerations and fairness.


Please email to discuss rates. 

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